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Skylights are elegant features capable of elevating a house’s roof and overall aesthetic. At HOME TEAM CONSTRUCTION, we understand that strategically installed skylight can liven up any space, allowing more natural light in the quarters.

HOME TEAM CONSTRUCTION team has decades of combined experience installing statement skylights in New York homes that you like, approve, and will not cost you dearly. Residential skylights, as beautiful and pristine they are, can also be the source of water leaks, mold, and an unpleasant smell in your living area.

Hence, it’s imperative that you perform visual inspections and call in HOME TEAM if any damage is found.

Skylight installation and repairs is a labor-intensive process that requires specialized tools and equipment to ensure no further is done. HOME TEAM strives to provide cost-effective services with the lowest downtime possible. For this, our licensed contractors perform a preliminary inspection, so the repair costs don’t bleed out of your budget.

Skylight Installation Long Island

Skylight Installation Long Island

Let the natural sunlight enter your home and highlight its various features by installing a beautiful skylight. A skylight not only boosts your home’s aesthetic appeal but also adds to the value of your property. Home Team Construction offers quality skylight installation services for all styles of homes and commercial establishments. Our qualified team will ensure the skylight is placed correctly to increase your home’s energy efficiency. We are experienced in installing various styles of skylights, including fixed skylights, retractable skylights, and more. Contact our team for expert assistance!

Skylight Repair and Maintenance Long Island

Skylight repair and maintenance Long Island

High skylights can get damaged due to various environmental conditions. So, if your skylight gets damaged, develops leaks, or has deteriorated flashing, you can rely on Home Team Construction for prompt skylight repairs. We use advanced equipment and extensive knowledge to troubleshoot simple to complex skylight repair issues. We will ensure that your skylight can withstand any weather. Contact our team for expert assistance!

Skylight Inspection Long Island

Skylight Inspection Long Island

Home Team Construction provides timely skylight inspection services to identify any potential issues that may threaten your skylight or roof’s structural integrity. Regular skylight inspection can help safeguard your skylight from harsh weather and extend its lifespan. If you notice any signs of damages to your skylight, contact our team to schedule an inspection today!

Skylight Replacement Long Island

Skylight Replacement Long Island

Skylight leak repair is among the top issues that homeowners may encounter. If ignored, a skylight leak may allow water penetration into the roofing system, which may quickly turn into a major water damage issue. Therefore, at Home Team Construction, we offer a range of preventive solutions, from replacing the flashing, waterproofing your skylight to installing a brand new skylight. Get in touch with our team for expert assistance!

Our workers are skilled and efficient in detecting the issue swiftly to lay out the plausible solutions in front of you promptly. Hence, choosing HOME TEAM CONSTRUCTION for all your skylight installation, maintenance, and repairs is guaranteed to save you money.

Our experience while completing numerous successful projects has taught us to keep our clients in the loop, so you know where the problem originated to prevent it in the future. Moreover, our skylight installation options are tailor-made for your needs, home design, and budget. We promise to fix you up with the most aesthetically pleasing skylight that’ll stand the test of time.

Contact HOME TEAM CONSTRUCTION for a free estimate and other queries!

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