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Fast Roof Repair in Brookhaven, NY

There are a lot of reasons that you might need roof repairs over the years. Whether it’s something simple, like cracked shingles, or leaks, we can help. Home Team Construction has the experience you need to keep small issues with your roof from getting worse.

We’ve dealt with a lot of different roofs and offer many kinds of repairs. No matter what service you need, though, you can trust us to deliver quality results. With so many potential problems with your roof, here are a few of the popular reasons our customers need help:

  1. Missing or loose shingles
  2. Leaks around the chimney or skylight
  3. Damaged or missing flashing
  4. Clogged gutters
  5. Not maintained properly

If you need work done on your roof, we’ve got you covered. We can also help with a roof replacement if the damages are bad enough. Either way, give us a call today and schedule your estimate!

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Looking for Roof Repair in Brookhaven, NY?

The weather can do a lot of damage to your roof as time goes by, because it’s constantly exposed. With a bad enough storm, you could end up with damages to your flashing or shingles, which can lead to leaks. That’s one reason it’s so important to work with a trustworthy contractor like Home Team Construction. We offer many services to repair your roof and keep you and your property protected from the elements.

We know you might think about fixing your own roof, but we strongly recommend letting a professional take care of it. Otherwise, you could make the damages worse or leave things done unevenly. Our team of roofing experts know how to handle your roof repair in Brookhaven, NY correctly. Letting a minor damage to your roof can let it get worse, and more expensive, but we have the experience and gear to do things right.

Of course, it’s also helpful to know when you need our help. There are a lot of signs to watch for, but sometimes those issues aren’t so obvious. One of the best options to let us give your roof an annual inspection to make sure that everything is secure. We’ll look at your roofing, attic space, walls, and ceilings for any signs of damage or leaks. Here are some common causes for roof repair:

  1. Shingles are old or worn. Your roofing materials are the first line of defense against the weather. Over time, they can start to crack and peel with wear. They can also just go missing completely if high winds pull them off.
  2. Flashing is missing or damaged. This is the metal that seals in external roofing like the skylight or chimney. It could have been done wrong in the first place or get damaged over time, but flashing is crucial to prevent leaks.
  3. Maintenance was ignored. Maintaining your roof with an inspection lets our experts find issues to repair and catching things early before you need a roof replacement. 
  4. Clogged gutters. If your gutters are backed up, it can cause them to form an ice dam in the winter or collapse from the weight of water and debris. This can cause expensive damages, like siding replacement.

Those are just a few of the main reasons we get called about roof repair. With a professional inspection, we can hopefully catch these issues before they get worse, so call us today for an estimate!


Alban was great. Very honest and up front. Detailed every step and followed up with completion summary and photos Very accessible and easy to work with. Great find !

-John V.

Top Roof Repair in Brookhaven, NY

Your roof has layers to protect you better, starting with the outer materials. Shingles are the most popular choice for roofing materials, because they’re affordable and durable. However, once the materials are worn out or fall off, they expose the underlayment.

This layer can absorb some water as an added protection, but sheathing isn’t designed to withstand that exposure for long. Once that happens, your roof deck can weaken from moisture damage or mold growth. If the leaks are bad enough, you could need a complete roof replacement.

Roof repair in Brookhaven, NY can prevent these issues from getting worse and protect the layers of your roof. Our experts at Home Team Construction can help extend your roof’s life and improve its effectiveness. If it’s been a while since your last inspection or you suspect damages, call us today for an estimate!

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Alban was highly recommended so I gave him a call for an estimate. He came the same day and explained every detail of the job, no question I had was unanswered. Alban was able to do the job the next day and showed up on time. Alban and his team did meticulous work and for a great price! I will be paying it forward and recommending Alban and his team to anyone in need of home improvements. Thank you Home Team Construction!

– Liana S.

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