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Quality Roof Replacement in Calverton, NY

Professional maintenance and roof repair can extend the lifespan and effectiveness of your roof. However, damages can add up and your roof could need replaced from a serious storm or old age. You could also want to upgrade your roof with better materials or change the look to match a remodeling project.

Whatever the case, our experts at Home Team Construction offer roof replacement in Calverton, NY. We’re experienced with many different materials and roof designs for residential and commercial roofing. With our help, you won’t have to worry about:

  1. Materials that reach their lifespan
  2. Serious damages from a storm
  3. Updating your roof for a remodel
  4. Getting the most out of your property value
We’re here to help you maximize your roof’s potential with secure installation of your new materials. When you’re ready to get started with an estimate, give us a call today!
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Need Roof Replacement in Calverton, NY?

The lifespan of your roof can vary depending on a variety of factors, like the type of material used, the climate of your area, and the quality of the installation. You can count on our experience at Home Team Construction for professional installation and recommendations to meet your needs. Regular inspections and maintenance of your roof can help to identify potential issues early on and prevent the need for a premature replacement.

When it does come time for a roof replacement, our team at Home Team Construction will work with you to find the best protection for your budget and building. We offer a wide variety of roofing materials and can recommend the right one based on your specific situation, whether you have a residential or commercial roof. 

Any damage to your roofing materials could leave the underlayment and roof deck exposed to water damage. This can quickly escalate to attract pests, mold, or a weakened structure. If could also mean higher energy costs from air escaping or getting in. If you’re concerned about the security of your roof or you’ve had the same roofing for a decade or longer, give us a call now and schedule your estimate! 


Alban was great. Very honest and up front. Detailed every step and followed up with completion summary and photos Very accessible and easy to work with. Great find !

-John V.

Expert Roof Replacement in Calverton, NY

When you let our experts handle the installation of your new roof, you can trust our experience. We’ll make sure that you get the most protection for your home or business. The right materials and proper installation can prevent water damage and reduce energy costs. 

It could be that the materials are old, or you’ve had a lot of storm damage. You might also want to upgrade early or change the materials. Whatever your reason for wanting a new roof, we’ve got you covered when you call us today for an estimate!

Home Team Construction Siding Project

Alban was highly recommended so I gave him a call for an estimate. He came the same day and explained every detail of the job, no question I had was unanswered. Alban was able to do the job the next day and showed up on time. Alban and his team did meticulous work and for a great price! I will be paying it forward and recommending Alban and his team to anyone in need of home improvements. Thank you Home Team Construction!

– Liana S.

Benefits of Replacement in Calverton, NY

Roof repair can extend the life of your roofing, but you’ll eventually need a new roof. The damages could be too extensive for repair to be cost-effective, too. There are many benefits that can come from a new roof. Here are 3 common reasons we get called:

  1. Increased property value.
  2. A recent remodel to your residential or commercial building.
  3. You’ve had the same roof for 10 years.

Our customers know that Home Team Construction offers professional expertise and experience with all of our services. We’ll work fast to replace your roof and keep your home or business secure, because you never know when the next storm will roll through. We’ll also maintain and repair your roof over time to protect your investment. Our experts will recommend and install the best materials for your roof when you call us today and schedule your estimate!

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