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Trustworthy Roof Repair in Long Island, NY

Your roof can sustain damage from all kinds of sources as time goes by, including time itself. Your shingles could start to crack or peel, or you might notice signs of leaks. Either way, you should trust a professional for your roof repair in Long Island, NY.

Home Team Construction has worked on residential and commercial roofing for a long time. We’ve done anything from emergency repairs to a complete roof replacement. You can count on us to help with your roof repairs, including some of the most common reasons:

  1. Flashing is damaged or missing
  2. Shingles are cracked, peeling, or missing
  3. The skylight or chimney is leaking
  4. Gutters are damaged or clogged
  5. Poor maintenance

Your roof will need proper roofing services to stay effective. Let us repair your roof to extend its lifespan and give you the most for your investment. To get started, call us today and schedule your inspection!

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Effective Roof Repair in Long Island, NY

One of the most common reasons for needing our roofing services is storm damage repair. Between harsh winds and hail, your roofing materials can be ripped off or broken. Since the materials and underlayment are all that prevents rain from getting in, it could only be a matter of time before leaks start to show up. Home Team Construction is here to help, even if you need emergency roof repair in Long Island, NY.

Many homeowners try to do their own repairs in an attempt to save money. Not only would you be putting yourself at risk of personal injury, but this often doesn’t save time or money. In fact, you might end up spending a lot more if the materials don’t match or your roof is uneven. Our professionals have the experience to deliver quality results, and we have safety gear to avoid serious injury from falling off your roof.

It’s never good to put off roof repairs when your roof is damaged. We’ll work with your budget to take care of any repairs, because the damages could get worse, and more expensive, otherwise. It all starts with a thorough inspection by our experts, which gives us a chance to diagnose the problem and recommend the best course of action if we spot typical issues like:

  1. Damaged or missing flashing. Without the sealant around your chimney or skylight being effective and properly installed, moisture can easily make its way into your home or business.
  2. Your roof was poorly maintained. Routine maintenance is crucial to the health of an effective roof. It also allows our team to catch issues and provide minor repairs before they escalate.
  3. Damaged or aged shingles. Shingles are the most popular option for roofing materials, but any materials can get old or wear out over time. When that happens, your underlayment and roof deck could be in danger.
  4. Gutters are damaged or clogged. This can lead to many issues, like extra weight that collapses your gutters or an ice dam. Since all of these problems can affect or damage your roofing, the gutters are an integral part of your home or business’ protection.

Home Team Construction offers roofing services, including maintenance, repair, and replacement, when you need it. We’ll begin with a professional inspection of your property, checking areas like the attic, ceilings, walls, and roof for signs of moisture damage. Once we’ve diagnosed the extend of your roofing damages, we’ll recommend the best way to keep you safe, so give us a call today for your estimate!

Alban was great. Very honest and up front. Detailed every step and followed up with completion summary and photos Very accessible and easy to work with. Great find !

-John V.

Fast Roof Repair in Long Island, NY

The materials on your roof are the first line of defense against the elements. The more frequent option is asphalt shingles, for the low cost and durability. Unfortunately, no matter your choice, materials have a lifespan and can be seriously damaged from the weather.

Once the materials are gone, the underlayment and decking of your roof are exposed. The sheathing of underlayment can handle limited water as a buffer, but it’s just a support role to the materials. If it absorbs too much water, the deck of your roof can be damaged by moisture.

This can lead to mold, bugs, or weakening that eventually collapses. None of these outcomes are ideal, and our roofing services can prevent them. Let Home Team Construction keep your roofing efficient for longer and protect your home or business. When you need an inspection or notice problems with your roof, give us a call today!

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Alban was highly recommended so I gave him a call for an estimate. He came the same day and explained every detail of the job, no question I had was unanswered. Alban was able to do the job the next day and showed up on time. Alban and his team did meticulous work and for a great price! I will be paying it forward and recommending Alban and his team to anyone in need of home improvements. Thank you Home Team Construction!

– Liana S.

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